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Best healthy food options at Toronto Pearson International Airport
Photo: Richard Kidger/Unsplash
Air Travel

Terminal Intelligence: YYZ Terminal 3

Get a quickie nail color change on the way to your gate.

by Clark Williams | 10.07.2018

Welcome to Terminal Intelligence. Because friends don’t let friends get stuck at the airport without any decent healthy options.

This week we’re taking off from: YYZ Terminal 3

Overall: We expect more from an international airport—strict eaters may want to BYO—but we've definitely seen worse. The upside: You definitely won't have to purchase any bottled water.

I need breakfast: Urban Crave offers a "high protein no-sugar added" Greek yogurt with berries, granola, and nuts—or just head to Starbucks (near A14) and order your usual.

I need a snack: Both 6 + Sundry and Nobel have a decent (healthyish) snack selection. At the former, you've got Made Good granola bars, Kind bars, coconut chips, and a slew of nut mixes; at the latter, there's Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl popcorn, Umpqua oats, Thirsty Buddha sparkling coconut water, plus hard-boiled eggs. We also heart the marinated olives and cheese plates from Archeo Focacceria.

I need a real meal: At District Food Hall, our fave veg-friendly option is the Torta el Vegetarian at El Catrin Taqueria. Or grab a stool by the counter at Urban Crave (near A12) and order the Rooftop Urban Garden Salad—hold the grilled chicken.

I'm hungry but my flight boards in five minutes: Like a lot of airports, it's surprisingly hard to find a grab-and-go salad that's vegan. (Seriously, why is there always cheese in airport salads?) If you don't mind picking goat cheese off your spinach, Archeo Focacceria in the District Food Hall has one of the few meat-less option. If you're more flexible, opt for the Food Hall's Ensalada El Catrin or sushi from Nobel's grab-and-go section.

I need to relax: Whether you're desperate for someone to work out that kink in your neck (thanks, coach seats) or just really, really need a shower, the surprisingly cute Wellbeing (by gate A11) offers up both. If you're in a rush, they've also got 10-minute nail color change.

I forgot something at home: You'll find the usual pharmacy supplies—plus flight socks, travel pillows, ear plugs, and other in-flight boosters—at 6 + Sundry, while Relay carries Burt's Bees and EOS lip balms.

I need to fill up my water bottle: There are big-bottle filling stations all over the terminal. We'll give you that, Canada.

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