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Best yoga surf and wellness retreats in September 2018
Photo: Pat Graziosi/Unsplash

The best September retreats to book ASAP

From Australia to Zion.

by Clark Williams | 07.17.2018

For when your PTO days are precious and your trip-planning time is limited, there are retreats: organized escapes that have the added bonus of helping you master the yoga headstand, learn to prepare raw food, make it a week without talking, or just generally feel chill af.

While there’s sometimes “work” involved (hey, emotional breakthroughs don’t just happen), it’s a different kind of work than what you might usually deal with in the office and often happens far away from the stresses of everyday life. Best of all? You just need to show up at the retreat, and the rest is taken care of. (In case The Glassy’s ultra-curated city guides still require too much trip planning.)

Here are the top retreats around the globe this September—from long weekends to multi-day intensives—that are so worth the vacation days.

Chica Brava surf retreat in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

When: September 1-8
What: If you’re dead-set on nailing your pop up by the end of the week, opt for Chica Brava rather than booking a room at Maderas Village. The ladies-only surf camp is less about the scene (although you’ll be staying right in the middle of San Juan del Sur) and more about the surf.

Rooted to Rise retreat in Prince Edward County, Canada

When: September 6-10
What: You’ll eat well at this long-weekend retreat led by certified holistic nutritionist Ashleigh Norris (AKA The Soulful Sprout). Think plant-based summer harvest dishes in between yoga classes and SUP sessions on Lake Ontario.

Restival in Bethel, NY

When: September 7-9
What: High-vibe programming for anyone who wants to tune out for a few days (but not have to travel more than two hours from New York City). The digs at this edition of Restival are the rustic-chic rooms at The Assemblage Sanctuary.

The Art of Stopping Time workshop with Pedram Shojai in Stockbridge, MA

When: September 7-9
What: The Urban Monk might help you finally solve that age old “Beyonce only has 24 hours in the day, how does she get it all done?” quandary.

Body.Reset retreat in Ibiza, Spain

When: September 8-15
What: Do daily workouts, one-on-one personal training sessions, and before-after physical assessments sound like your type of vacation? How about if they’re all done from the comfort of your own private villa (with views of the water, a pine forest, and an olive grove, natch)? We thought so.

Chica Brava surf retreat in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

When: September 8-15
What: If you’re dead-set on nailing your pop up by the end of the week, opt for Chica Brava rather than booking a room at Maderas Village. The ladies-only surf camp is less about the scene (this week’s home base is at their Cloud Farm location, a low-key jungle villa on 500 acres of landorganic garden included) and more about the surf.

Ketanga’s Ride and Flow retreat in Thurles, Ireland

When: September 10-15
What: Yoga and conditioning classes? Groundbreaking. Doing them in between horse-riding sessions? Okay, now you’ve got our attention. Go beyond the usual retreat fare with daily group rides through the Irish countryside (plus pints of Guinness, because when in Ireland…).

Soul Adventures’ Soul Medicine retreat in Ibiza, Spain

When: September 12-16
What: For those who can’t commit to a week in Ibiza (um, get your priorities straight), Soul Adventures offers a four-night super sesh packed with Kundalini yoga classes and locally sourced, detox-centric meals meant to maximize the whole food-as-medicine concept.

Yogascapes’ yoga retreat in Zion National Park, Utah

When: September 13-16
What: Do your sun salutations at daybreak while facing red rock formations, spend the afternoon hiking iconic trails like Angels Landing, and then recharge from the comfort of a glamping tent.

The Meditating Brain workshop at Stockbridge, MA

When: September 14-16
What: If your wellness MO is more biohacker than woo-woo warrior, you’ll want to book this mindfulness retreat ASAP. In addition to showcasing the science-backed methods that will help you meditate (or meditate better), attendees will also get hooked up to brain scanners so they can see what, exactly, the sessions are doing.

The Runaway Experience in Marrakesh, Morocco

When: September 16-22
What: Walk, bike, and shop your way through the Moroccan city with this hyper-curated seven-day trip. Bonus: The luxe hotel you’ll be staying at is TV-free, so you’ll get some digital detox time in as well.

Yogascapes retreat in Daintree, Australia

When: September 16-22
What: We’re dubbing this the surf-and-turf retreat. By day you’ll be practicing yoga in the jungle and taking excursions to the Great Barrier Reef; by night you’ll be sleeping in the oldest rain forest in the world.

Brave Magic with Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed in Scotts Valley, CA

When: September 20-23
What: If Eat Pray Love and Wild had a baby…and that baby hosted a retreat, it would look something like this. Basically, the 21st century leaders of travel diary porn (Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed) sharing their wisdom IRL.

The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution workshop with Aviva Romm in Stocksbridge, MA

When: September 21-23
What: Not the sexiest-sounding weekend retreat, but Aviva Romm is a rock star in the world of holistic health. If you’ve been struggling with a range of health issues, her method (plus some one-on-one time with her) could be just what you need for some major breakthroughs.

Design Your Life workshop with Lauren Handel Zander and Laurie Gerber at Stocksbridge, MA

When: September 21-23
What: Kripalu double-header alert! This real-talk workshop is the ass-kicking (but also soul-stroking) weekend you need to finally deal with your shit and start doing the things that you want to be doing. Warning: There will be homework.

Soul Adventures’ Vibrate at Your Highest Frequency retreat in Ibiza, Spain

When: September 22-29
What: Seven days of Kundalini yoga and meditation (with some reiki and shamanic healing mixed in because YOLO) meant to clear energy blockages and help you get high on your own supply. Each day focuses on a different chakraincluding the food you’re served up each day.

Reclaim Your Power with Sah and Moun D’Simone in Stockbridge, MA

When: September 23-28
What: This brother-sister duo are all about empowering the GSD crowd with science-backed tools and techniques to help them, well, GSD even better. There’s a little bit of meditation, a little bit of breathwork, a little bit of yoga, a little bit of journaling, and a whole lot of breakthroughs from Kripalu’s idyllic spot.

Writing and Mindfulness retreat in Big Sur, CA

When: September 23-28
What: We heart when retreats are used to help people tap into their creativitylike this one, which pairs meditation sessions with writing time. Plus, it’s at Esalen (AKA the place where Don Draper had his Coca-Cola breakthrough), which means you’ll have access to their famous baths, plus sweeping views of Big Sur.

AKT retreat in Maui, HI

When: September 29-October 4
What: Shakira must be on vacation, because celeb trainer Anna Kaiser is spending the week teaching two-a-day dance cardio sessions at the ultra-posh Ritz Carlton Kapalua. Grapevine your way through classes, with healthy gourmet meals (andhello!wine tastings) fueling you.

Highland Yoga retreat in Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala

When: September 29-October 4
What: Yoga classes, meditations sessions, Mayan fire rituals, and locally sourced mealsplus access to Villa Sumaya’s healing spa, sauna, and juice bar, if that’s how you roll (or, er, headstand).

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