Terminal Intelligence: JFK Terminal 4

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Ask a flight attendant: Why do I get side-eyed when I stretch?

"There's a growing epidemic of what we call 'airplane yoga.'"

by Kendra Mills | 05.22.2018

From getting on the plane without being forced to check your bag to finding something that’s actually edible (and TSA-approved) to eat, there’s more to flying high than just booking an aisle seat.

Cue Kendra Mills: Every month, the wellness-loving flight attendant for a major airline (sorry, our lips are sealed) answers your burning questions.

This month The Glassy’s asking: 

When I fly I try to regularly get up and do some stretches at the back of the plane, but I’ve definitely gotten some side-eye from flight attendants when I do it. What’s the deal? Am I allowed to hang out by the bathroom and do some forward bends?

There’s a growing epidemic of what we call “airplane yoga.” There’s nothing wrong with stretching—especially on longer, international flights. But I do think it’s rude.

People assume that they own the plane! I wouldn’t come into your office or your cubicle and start doing things, so why do you come into our space and start doing things? 

The galley is our small area to do what we need to do to accommodate everyone. This is where we sit and eat, you know? It’s the only space we have when we’re not in the aisle. It’s just like coming into someone’s house without knocking.

So my advice is, if you have to get up a stretch, just ask first. You have an assigned space, don’t come into the galley without our consent.

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