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Best healthy spots in Delhi Airport
Photo: Adam Birkett/Unsplash
Air Travel

Terminal Intelligence: DEL Terminal 3

Get your soy latte, ashwagandha pills, or a palm reading before take-off.

by Clark Williams | 02.17.2019

Welcome to Terminal Intelligence. Because friends don’t let friends get stuck at the airport without any decent healthy options.

This week we’re taking off from: DEL Terminal 3 (Delhi, India)

Overall: You'll notice signs all over the terminal telling you that this is the "World's Best Airport"—okay, it may be a stretch, but this recently renovated terminal will keep you busy until boarding, especially its shops. (Pro tip: Leave space in your carry-on for last-minute souvenirs.) BYO meal if you're a particularly picky eater, as the options are mostly of the fast-food variety.

I need breakfast: Yup, that's a Starbucks by gate 15. Make the trek through the terminal to order your cold brew or organic Hathikuli tea...or if the line is way too long (pretty likely, TBH), head upstairs to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (near the food court) for quinoa poha and a soy latte.

I need a snack: WH Smith has Taste Nirvana coconut water, Nourish Organics gluten-free snacks, and whey protein-packed Yoga Bars.

I need a real meal: If you've got time to sit and order, Café Delhi Heights has everything from hummus and vegetable kebabs to organic eggs.

I'm hungry but my flight boards in five minutes: Your only real grab-and-go spot is Starbucks, but there's a good chance the line will be longer than at security. Consider yourself warned.

I need to relax: Feeling that jet lag like whoa? Not only are there sleep pods (near gate 15), but also a Holiday Inn Express that charges by the hour. If it's a shower you're after, the Plaza Premium Lounge offers access to theirs for just under $10. For true relaxation, go straight to Ishana—not only does the shop have a Nature Spa in the back, but also a "healing pool" for your feet and regular palm readings that are completely free.

I forgot something at home: You can pick up the basics—and then some—at Guardian Pharmacy, which has aisles filled with ayurvedic personal care products (think ashwagandha supplements from Himalaya Ayurveda and saffron face oil from Kairali) along with on-site pharmacists that can help you with specific ailments. The Body Shop and Indian brand Biotique both have small kiosks near the gates, but if you're looking for something a bit more giftable, pop into the duty-free shop right past security, which stocks our fave local luxe beauty brands Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials.

I need to fill up my water bottle: There are water fountains, but we'd advise sticking with bottled (unfortunately).

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